Welcome to the blog that focuses on operational risk management for businesses in the manufacturing, distribution and non financial service industry. As a Risk Management professional with more than 25 years of experience in managing risk, claims, business integration and customer service departments for both large and small companies, I want to share with you information on how to identify, quantify, and manage risk for your company.
Hopefully this site will bring you an awareness of the importance of managing risk in your operation, save you some time and energy, or help you in some other way. If you would like to see something, please let me know.
There’s a saying in the beekeeping world. If you ask 10 beekeepers a question, you will get 11 different answers. The best one to determine the direction for your organization is your management team. Your team is the one knowledgeable about your business, your appetite for risk, customer base (both current and potential), markets, regulations and vendors. These are just some of the things that may need to be considered in managing risk in your company.

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