Recently the World Health Organization upgraded their classification of the H1N1 (better known at the Swine Flu) to a level 6 pandemic.    This is not an indication of an increase in the severity of the disease, rather that the spread of the disease is more widespread across the globe.

In the US, it is business as usual as we had gone into the Pandemic mode more than a month ago.   For some countries this is a call to put into place their pandemic plans to protect their citizens and travelers.  For some companies, the change means heightening the review of travel plans to areas not previously reporting swine flu cases, reviewing the goods and services moving into and out of these areas (due to potential product demand shifts) and interruptions in some services due to the illness.

News reports indicate that drug manufacturers are developing a vaccine to help protect us from the disease and it should be available prior to the next flu season. 

You may be asking yourself, what should I be doing about this announcement? 

Hopefully you have implemented a pandemic strategy for situations like this and have focused on making sure your employees remain health and take the appropriate precautions.  If you haven’t designed a plan you have a few months before the flu season hits, you might want to begin the planning and communication process.