The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Photo by PFFlyer

Today’s post is nothing about business risk, or continuity, or disaster recovery.  Today I would like to remember the veterans of the United States, both those who remain among us and those who have passed on. 

These men and women weighed the options and took the risk to put themselves in harms way.  In many cases it was because it was expected, or not wanting to be left behind or thought a coward, particularly in time of war or when patriotic fever was high.  In some cases it was to advance their education, learn a skill and create a better life for themselves, especially during peacetime. 

It doesn’t matter what the reason was, in any assessment that they made, several risks were evident…. I might come back wounded and scarred, I might lose the things that are important to me right now by being away, and the granddaddy of them all, I might not survive. 

I am proud to be the son and grandson of veterans, My grandfather fought in “the War to End all Wars” (WWI) was wounded in the last days of the war, and saw his life shortened by these wounds.  My father fought in World War II and was wounded in a training exercise that required multiple surgeries. 

Thank you Veterans of the United States of America for your contributions and sacrifices.